Customer Testimonials

It's therapeutic. It's Zen. It's mystical. The sensations obtained when Maurizio performs his art. He is skilled at what he does. Most importantly, he is passionate and it shows. It ranges from his honesty to the courteous smile. His hands relieve pain, relax the muscles, coordinate my joints in harmony, etc. A maestro in his milieu. I awoke from the experience feeling lose and peaceful, which is something that is scarce at times. An amazing experience and worth trying!

Akash Patel

Maurice is truly an amazing massage therapist, he really makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. He is super friendly, very professional and very inviting. He makes you feel so relaxed, you'll walk out feeling amazing. Great atmosphere, very cozy. Just honestly a really great experience I'll definitely be back.

Katrina Faucher

Maurice is the best massage therapist. His place is very, very clean, smells great, organized and gets things done in a timely fashion. He is very professional and Is very gifted with his hands. They say that if you experience aching after a massage, then it was good Well, I was aching in the right places- exactly where he massaged. He's patient, not afraid to listen to your needs and can quickly adapt to you. He goes with YOUR flow. I highly recommend Maurizio. 

Kemal Daniel

Great service, great experience and great massage. Best massage I ever had. Maurice made me feel confortable and relaxed. I didn't want to leave, definitely coming back!

Sonia Kuczynski

Maurizio est un super bon massothérapeute. Nous avons été grandement satisfais de ses services. Il est super gentil et fun a jaser. On se send a l'aise immédiatement avec lui. Nous nous sommes fait masser a un spa récemment et nous avons eu de la misère a décrocher du stress de la vie de tout les jours. Maurizio a reussi a nous faire déccrocher entirement!! Il est un massothérapeute tres talentueux et attentionné. Nous avons été impressionné de son grand niveau de professionnalisme. Je le recommande fortement!

Dominique Theberge et Mikael Fradette